Stroke Correction & Coaching


Focusing on the finer details, Adding techniques and Coaching your child’s strength, endurance and fitness - Preparation to join the  PRO’s  


Level 1: 30 minutes per class

Level 2 and 3: 60  minutes per class  

An additional Saturday Swimming Club sessions are also available to participants in this category, depending on availability.


Level S1

Swimmers will continue with stroke correction on 2 strokes while they are introduced to the other two strokes.  Once all four strokes has been accomplished, the other two strokes will be introduced.


Level S2

Swimmers will have pedantic correction of their 2 main strokes and be prepared for Level 3 training sessions.  In some instances Level 2 swimmers will be allowed to joint swimming lessons with Level 3 swimmers.


Level S3:

Pedantic Stroke correction and coaching is available for those that really enjoy swimming and are looking to swim regularly as a form of exercise/social activity or wish to take it to a competitive level.  The level 3 (proficient and correct technique, independent swimmer) participants recently joined or/and those long associated with the swim school, will be coached to join a professional level swimming squat,  to gain more speed, and will learn and refine the starts and turns.   We will ensure that you swim with the correct, injury preventative stroke and assist you in building your strength & fitness.  Attention will be given to refining all 4 FINA recognized strokes. 

Building a strong body is also merged with building a strong mind. 


  What you should bring along:

  • Firstly lots of enthusiasm, fluids and a positive attitude! 
  • Swimming costume, purple Lycra/Silicone cap.
  • Bring your water in a plastic water bottle. (NO glass allowed!)
  • Flippers (Soft tipped) & goggles. (Recommended)
  • Beanie and/or hoody are recommended during winter months to cover your ears and head after swimming.



PLEASE NOTE:   Your child should attend lessons regularly to ensure good progress.   Training to increase your swimming fitness level and endurance can be very tiring and takes a lot of dedication. Praise your child for his/her dedication and help him replace lost nutrients by providing a low-fat chocolate milkshake to drink after his/her swim session.   Low-fat chocolate milk contains the right mix of carbs and protein to refuel muscles after a tough workout. It has 9 essential nutrients, including some not typically found in recovery drinks.  These include B vitamins for energy and get you going, and the combo of FIVE bone-building nutrients – calcium, vitamin D, phosphorus, protein and potassium –to help athletes build and maintain strong bones and reduce risk for stress fractures.



Please remember that no swimmer is ever totally safe in and around water.   Accidents do happen and being unconscious in water can only lead to one thing if quick help is not at hand. Adult supervision should always be within hands- reach, regardless of their age or swimming ability.  Shallow water black-out is a real risk - swimmers should never do long underwater stints when exhausted.  Please familiarize yourself with this condition. This remains applicable when on vacation or at home as well!


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